Shout Out a Short Promo

This one is the easiest, and fun too!

Just call our voicemail number and read one of the lines below... or make up your own! They need to be short, because they are dropped in between songs.

(562) 264-5638

  • "This is ___(name)_____ from ____(city)______, and you're listening to Pituey Radio!"
  • " radio.... LONG BEACH, BABY!"    (you can also name your own city)
  • "This is ___(name)_____, I listen to Pituey Radio at ____(home / work / city)______".
  • "Groovy Landmarks and Local Bands... places to take your Salivary glands: Radio!"
  • "____(reasons)______, is why I like Pituey Radio."
  • "LONG BEACH, BABY!"    (you can also name your own city)
  • (make up your own - you're smarter than us anyway)


Don't like your first "take"? Just try it again!

When you are done, fill out this tiny form.


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