Museum of Inappropriate

 Consider that we've been in an ongoing struggle between two goals of a growing society:

"Never forget" - This is an important and often heard rallying cry, to always recount the horrible things that people of our history have said and done for horrible reasons. We should never forget the Alamo, American Slavery, Women's Suffrage, the USS Maine, the Holocaust, the World Trade Center, and so many others.

"That's become offensive" - There are many forms of expression made in years past. Books, movies, paintings and songs were created that had no intention of disparaging anyone at the time they were released. But now we know better. We have matured as a society, and we often cringe when reminded of who we once were. So much so that we want to erase some works from history, or "update" their content.

Consider how these two goals can be at odds with each other. How can we "never forget" our past, if we also choose to wipe the evidence from history?

Here at, we do not want to relive the past. Or repeal it.
Only remember it for what it actually was at the time, and hopefully learn from it.
We think that's one good way not to repeat it.

  • Statues are for heroes
  • Flags are for allegiance
  • Schools and museums preserve our history
  • Songs, movies and books tell stories of their times