About Us

About Us

Long Beach, baby!

Our never-ending stream is here to promote tourism and economic engagement in California's South Bay, through the use of interviews, history, nostalgia and humor.

We play music from open source archives and original vinyl recordings, ripped from attics, closets and estates. We also add short snippets of commercial or popular culture, to add a humorous and entertaining twist.

We create regular installments of our Local Long Beach Diary: interviews and audio tours of local landmarks and businesses.

Original 78 RPM records from the 1930's and 40's, long-play albums from the 1950's and 60's. Records from children's books and the sides of cereal boxes. Basically whatever format we can find and present to you.

  • Early Blues and Jazz
  • Big Band and Swing
  • Bluegrass and Western
  • Broadway and Movie Soundtracks
  • Even some early recorded Classical!

Some of this early "rescued music" could  have content which is not appropriate now. But please note: We love today's values, and do not want to return to a time when some of these lyrics were "OK". Like we've said before, this stuff actually happened and we can't change that.

So let's discuss and hopefully learn - maybe even laugh - about our checkered history.