From Long Beach, Baby!

Not-for-profit interviews and local audio tours. Over 4,000 vinyl originals, sounds and random (possibly inappropriate) stuff, ripped from archives, attics and closets near Long Beach, California. Seriously, nobody plays this crap anymore...

Learn more here. radio includes sounds from a time when Navy shipyards and Airplane factories powered Long Beach and the ports of Los Angeles, California during war and peacetime... peppered with memorable quips and quotes from the past.

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Sing It, Sister!
Sing It, Sister!

Pituey radio celebrates contributions of female vocalists during the pre and post war years.

Tiki Craze: The Don Ho-waiian Years
The Don Ho-waiian Years

What Americans wanted wasn’t true Hawaiian music, but rather something that reinforced an idealized South Pacific – exotic, mysterious, and comforting. Don Ho and Dick Mahi to the rescue!

By Maria Alexander
Aloha Saturday Night, Interview Sunday
Weekends at Pituey

Tiki Saturday Night

Interview Sundays

The Good Old Days?
The Good Old Days?

Nostalgia is both helpful and harmful. Despite what we might think, things are actually getting better every day.