Long Promo Message

Promoting an event - or article of interest - to the Long Beach, South Bay or L.A. community?

Call our voicemail with a promo (30 seconds or so). If it's succinct, appropriate and well-prepared, we'll definitely "air" it for you on our audio stream!

(562) 264-5638

Here are some sample ways to start your message:

  • "This is ____(reporter)____, previewing an article we're publishing on ____(publication)____. " ...
  • "This is ___(spokesperson)____. Coming soon to ___(city)___, it's the ___(event)___." ...

    (now give more details)
    Here's how to end your message:
  • "For more information and a link, just visit  P - I - T - U - E - Y . com" 
    (we suggest you spell the domain name)


Do not waste valuable message time trying to include URLs, Phone numbers, emails or any other contact information. THIS IS RADIO! Simply enter that data accurately in the "Comments" section below, and conclude you phone promo with the message above. They can remember that (heck, we say it enough times).

We'll turn that info into valid, clickable links in the web page (a companion to your audio promo) for you.